Mbarara town

Mbarara town

Mbarara town, in Mbarara district is the largest urban center and main business capital of Western Uganda, a region commonly refered to as "the land of milk and honey". Mbarara town one of the biggest and fastest growing towns in Uganda has well developed infrastructure which coupled with the vast tourist attractions in the region make it a tourist and viable investment destination.

About Mbarara Town

Mbarara Market

Market locality

Mbarara is the common market for a variety of farm produce for the Western region of Uganda (Ankole).

The Western region of Uganda is popular for its cattle keeping and it is the largest provider of milk in Uganda. Mbarara town is the center for milk processing in the Western region and has the largest number of milk processing plants in Uganda.
Over 90% of the population in Mbarara are involved in farming as the main income generator with crop growing taking up over 80% of those engaged in farming. Matooke, Irish potatoes, millet are among the crops produced in the area and Mbarara town provides the common market to the farmers in the region.
Mbarara town is located about 290 kilometers (180 miles), by road, south of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city. The cordinates of Mbarara city center are: Latitude: Latitude:-0.6132; Longitude:30.6582